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Watch the Video Definition of Maladroit!

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  • Maladroit(Adjective)- awkward,clumsy

Video Transcript

MegaVocab proudly presents a Revolutionary Vocabulary learning Technique Play close attention to upcoming word clue Try and judge the meaning of the word from the context of the conversation what is a nice , fine young lady doing in a place like this who are you I am the cherrytop, that completes your sunday ,baby you talk so awkward, and what do you want you talk so awkward,and what do you want would you like to go dancing later ... I have got some moves .. That was so fourty years ago oh really well being a ninja you kinda loose track of time gross did you just fart swear to god that was not me interesting so babe, ready for the disco or you cant handle all this hotness did you just fart again swear to god it wasn’t me ... yea right! what! you think any woman in her right mind will go out with a maladroit guy like you.. that is it I am out of here , leave me alone no wait oh my! Answer the following question. What does maladroit mean ? Sophisticated. Or. Awkward You may replay the video before answering maladroit means , awkward In the animated story, ninja was talking and acting awkwardly , i.e. maladroitly while asking the girl out.